Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Is your home ready for the cooler months? Get fall ready with this helpful checklist.


√ Clean The Gutters. Remove leaves and any other debris that has fallen in the gutters. Check for parts that are sagging or need replacing.


√ Inspect Roof. Look for cracked or missing shingles, and check for signs of leaks such as wet areas in your attic. You’ll want to know you have a problem before winter arrives!


√ Check Furnace & Chimney. Make sure your chimney is clean and clear and check your furnace or gas heater to be sure that everything is operating smoothly and safely for the coming months.


√ Winterize Mower. Thoroughly clean your mower and replace any parts that became worn over the summer so that your mower will be ready to go in the spring.


√ Safety Check. Make sure that all fire alarms and other safety monitors are working properly and replace batteries if needed.


√ Rake Leaves. Fall leaves are colorful and beautiful, but once they have completely covered your yard, they can inhibit the growth of your grass and clog gutters.


√ Mind The Gap. Check for gaps and holes in your home that could enable mice and other pests to sneak into your home.


√ Tree Care. Trim dead tree branches to prevent damage to your home during storms.


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