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Scene Around Delmarva

The “Chessie” - One Special Breed

By Kathi Ferguson   Declared the official dog of Maryland in 1964, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is as alluring and ro ...[more]

Shore Moments

By Kathi Ferguson   I like to ride my bicycle not far from my home, often reflecting on some of the many reasons why ...[more]

Witches Among Us

By Kathi Ferguson   Witches in Maryland? Apparently so. The Free State even has a famous witch—The Blair Witch& ...[more]

Delaware Amish Country

By Kathi Ferguson   Just west of Dover, Delaware, lies a thriving, historic Amish community. One of working farms, furn ...[more]

The Rebirth of Poplar Island

By Kathi Ferguson   Located about a mile off the west side of Tilghman Island peninsula, Poplar Island was once a thr ...[more]

A Bit of Plein Air History

By Kathi Ferguson   Just as surely as winter gives way to the arrival of warmer weather, plein air painters come to e ...[more]

Delmarva Produce Stands

There's nothing quite like fresh, locally grown produce during the spring and summer. The taste and quality is amazing, plus y ...[more]

Airfields That Once Were

By Kathi Ferguson While studying history, my guess is that abandoned airfields do not typically come to mind. However, many dot ...[more]

McMartin & Beggins - Crafting High Quality Furniture on the Eastern Shore

By Kathi Ferguson   The passion that Jim McMartin and Jim Beggins share for their craft is evident. Guided by the cla ...[more]

The Osprey Extraordinaire

By Kathi Ferguson   For many who reside in the Chesapeake Bay region, spotting ospreys once again occupying their mon ...[more]

A Glimpse Into Delaware's Agriculture History

By Kathi Ferguson   Commercial agriculture has a long history in Delaware. From the very beginning, Delaware&rsq ...[more]

The Assateague People of Delmarva

By Kathi Ferguson Drawing by Kathi Ferguson: "Chief Medicine Cat", charcoal and conte, 18" x 24"   ...[more]

The Bay's Big Freeze

By Kathi Ferguson   As I write this article about the Chesapeake Bay’s big freeze decades ago, the first snow o ...[more]

A Glimpse Into Gingerbread History

By Kathi Ferguson   From edible houses to soft, spiced loaves of bread, to snappy cookies, to the eye-catching ginger ...[more]

The Decoy

By Kathi Ferguson   Maryland's history and tradition of waterfowl hunting and American decoy carving is as rich a ...[more]

2022 Delaware Teen Miss United States Agriculture

The Miss United States Agriculture is a pageant based on teaching and enhancing the American agricultural story. Their motto i ...[more]

Haunted Delaware

By Kathi Ferguson   Delmarva has no shortage of creepy places to visit, and what better time to seek them out than Ha ...[more]

Delmarva’s Late, Great Tomato Canneries

By Kathi Ferguson   Whether picked from your garden or purchased from local produce stands, fresh tomatoes are hot of ...[more]

History Comes Alive At Eastern Shore Threshermen’s Show

Farmers worked the land with horses and manual labor. Wheat or oats were hand-threshed with a flail; farmers walked behind imple ...[more]

From Water to Wharf

By Kathi Ferguson   It was my first visit to Wittman Wharf Seafood. The customer ahead of me had just finished paying f ...[more]

Paul Reed Smith Guitars - Nothing Short of Extraordinary

By Kathi Ferguson   Paul Reed Smith’s first guitar was built in college as a challenge to his music professor t ...[more]

The Origins of Father’s Day

The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Washington state. However it was not made a national holiday in ...[more]

Horseshoe Crabs to Make Yearly Appearance

Horseshoe crabs are evolutionary survivors that have remained relatively unchanged in appearance for 350 million years. The hors ...[more]

Interesting Facts About Memorial Day

Each year on the last Monday of May, Americans celebrate Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a federal holiday that honors and mourns ...[more]

Oxford-Bellevue Ferry – Taking The Scenic Route

By Kathi Ferguson   Before moving to the Eastern Shore, cycling through its back roads was a frequent pastime. A high ...[more]

Early Roadways in Delaware

All photos courtesy of the Delaware Public Archives   Early Roads Early roads were paths through fields and woods fo ...[more]

It’s All About The Roe

By Kathi Ferguson   When signs of spring come to mind, our thoughts typically turn to warmer days, songbirds, April s ...[more]

Lead Kindly Light - Fenwick Island Lighthouse

By Kathi Ferguson   One of the most quintessential and sought after attractions on the Eastern seaboard would have to ...[more]

Wandering Through Wicomico

By Kathi Ferguson   Like so many areas throughout Delmarva, the county of Wicomico is rich in history and abundant in ...[more]

Ways to Honor and Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month takes place each year during the month of February. The precursor to Black History Month was a history week es ...[more]

Identify & Help Winter Birds

Birds flittering around the neighborhood are a common sight during spring and summer, and these welcome guests can be enjoyable ...[more]

Railway Through Ridgely

By Kathi Ferguson   The old railroad lines that run through Ridgely and nearby Caroline County towns may not be carry ...[more] for Oysters!

By Kathi Ferguson   Festivals pay homage to them, roads on the Eastern Shore were once bedded with their shells, and ...[more]

Charm Along the Nanticoke

By Kathi Ferguson   Tucked away along the meandering Nanticoke River, sits the small Chesapeake Bay town of Vienna. F ...[more]

Discovering Odessa

By Kathi Ferguson Originally known as Cantwell’s Bridge, the tranquil village of Odessa, Delaware’s early history ...[more]

Creatures of the Swamp

By Kathi Ferguson   Swamp creatures in Delmarva? According to legend, indeed there are!    Found main ...[more]

History Along the Choptank

By Kathi Ferguson   The town of Denton, Maryland, seat of Caroline County, began as a tiny settlement on the Choptank ...[more]

The Dog Days of Summer

By Kathi Ferguson   Soon after the Summer Solstice in late June, those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere can be ...[more]

Follow The Sun...Flower

By Kathi Ferguson   Perhaps nothing says “summer” like the sunflower. In all of their colorful glory, the ...[more]

A Roadside Delight

by Kathi Ferguson   The signs of summer are many on Delmarva. But for me, the opening of roadside produce stands become ...[more]

The Wonder of Sea Glass

By Kathi Ferguson   Like many things Mother Nature has to offer, the simple, magical beauty of sea glass never ceases ...[more]

Oh the Shamrock

By Kathi Ferguson   They appear everywhere around St. Patrick’s Day. Those cute little three petal green plants ...[more]

A Presidential Visit

The 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding visited Delaware on June 9, 1923. The President started his day early ...[more]

Comfort Foods - Maryland Style

By Kathi Ferguson   The month of February gets a bad rap. By the time it comes around, winter has already dished up a ...[more]

Mural, Mural, on the Wall

By Kathi Ferguson   If you find yourself heading southbound into Cambridge over the Choptank River Bridge, cast a gla ...[more]

Delmarva’s Great Sanctuary

By Kathi Ferguson   It is November at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. Ospreys have migrated South, autumn colors begin to ...[more]

Ghostly Hotels in Delaware

By Kathi Ferguson   You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Chances are you have, once you’ve spent the nigh ...[more]

An Artful Approach to the Garden

by Kathi Ferguson   It is not every day you will find an oversized onion, super tall asparagus, or a golden pear with ...[more]

Nanticoke Indian Tribe's 40th Annual Powwow

SEPTEMBER 7th & 8th, 2019   One of the best things about the powwow is the air of happiness and joy in renewing o ...[more]

It’s Just Peachy in Delaware

Delaware is well known for its delicious, fresh peaches. Peach orchards were first planted in northern Delaware and spread south ...[more]

Our American Flag - More than Just Stars and Stripes

By Kathi Ferguson   The American flag - we pledge allegiance to it, we salute it, and we sing about it. We carry it i ...[more]

Family Farm Offers Unique Getaway

By Kathi Ferguson   With roots dating back to the 1900s, Crow Vineyard & Winery is a third generation 365 acre fa ...[more]

The Naming of VFW Post 5118

By Kathi Ferguson   The first official meeting of Easton’s VFW Memorial Post 5118 was held in the basement of i ...[more]

All About April

by Kathi Ferguson   April showers may bring May flowers, but aside from the weather, the month of April is appreciate ...[more]

Shedding New Light On Local Agriculture - One Painting At A Time

By Kathi Ferguson      Local artist Bob Manning’s love for the landscape was first inspired when he b ...[more]

The Shapes of Nature

By Kathi Ferguson   Creative people tend to see things differently. I can attest to that, since I am one of them! Som ...[more]

The Edna E. Lockwood - Built to Last

By Kathi Ferguson      Tales of Tilghman Island’s history are many, although they are not always told ...[more]

Hot Chocolate

This cup of liquid comfort has a history all its own. By Kathi Ferguson       There is something ab ...[more]

Plymouth Rock - A "Piece" of America's History

By Kathi Ferguson   Perhaps one of the most remembered lessons in American history is of the Mayflower bringing the P ...[more]

Creatures of the Delmarva Night

By Kathi Ferguson      Nocturnal animals have long been associated with Halloween, and there is surely no s ...[more]

Tilghman Islands’s “W” Houses

By Kathi Ferguson      The Lee House, the grand old “W” house that sits back from Tilghman Isla ...[more]

There's This Place Called “Spocott”

By Kathi Ferguson      On the bank of Gary’s Creek six miles west of Cambridge on what is now Route 3 ...[more]

Painting The Shore

Artists from near and far interact with the Eastern Shore landscape through their painting. By Kathi Ferguson   We a ...[more]