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7 Easy Tips to Help You Stick With Your Exercise Routine

Did part of your New Year’s Resolution include sticking to an exercise routine? How’s that going for you? If you’re like many people who pledge to exercise at the beginning of January, you might have found that your ambition has diminished over the last few weeks. If you’re looking to get your passion for fitness back again, read these tips below to help you stick to your exercise routine.


1. Switch it up. Maybe your exercise routine has become just that – a routine. Some people thrive on a schedule, while others find spontaneity more motivating. If you’ve been doing the same workout for months and you’re absolutely bored with it, then maybe all you need to get your motivation back is to switch up your workout. Do a little research online, or ask your friends and family for ideas, and have fun trying new things.


2. Timing. If you’ve lost the desire to workout, it could be that you are exercising at the wrong time of day. Some people find that working out in the morning helps them power through the day, while others just can’t find the energy to get up earlier and workout. Don’t force yourself into a schedule that doesn’t work for you. Go when you feel the most motivated, whether that is in the morning, during your lunch break, or after work. Find a time that is convenient for you, and it will be a lot harder to find excuses to skip your workout.


3. Find some new tunes. Many people find it inspiring to listen to music while they work out. Music has the ability to encourage and energize, and provides you with something to focus on while you exercise. Even if you already listen to music while working out, it might be beneficial to switch up your playlist. Have fun exploring a new artist or genre and find what gets you inspired to move. If you’re the type that likes to multi task, maybe try listening to an eBook or podcast while working out. You’ll be able to learn and entertain yourself, and get the most out of your workout session.


4. Bring a buddy. One important factor in sticking to an exercise program is accountability. If you’re struggling to keep yourself accountable and stick to your plans, then maybe you need a friend to help keep you on track. Chances are you’re not the only one struggling to stick to an exercise routine. Find a friend, coworker, or family member that wants to focus on their fitness and make weekly plans to workout together. Take this chance to talk about your goals and ambitions, and to trade advice and ideas. Treating your workout as a social event will make it seem less like a chore and more like fun.


5. Eat right. Sometimes a lack of motivation is brought on by fatigue. If you’re not drinking enough water, or not getting the proper amount of vitamins and protein, then your body is not in the right condition for an exercise routine. Try keeping a food diary and see what you’re eating, or not eating, that could be causing your energy levels to drop. Remember that your body works in the same way a car does, if you don’t put fuel in it, it’s not going to move. Taking good care of yourself starts from within, so be sure you’re giving your body what it needs to function at maximum capacity.


6. Remember your goals. Take a moment to really think about why you wanted to start working out in the first place. Was it because you wanted to lose weight? Did you want to make this a part of a more healthy lifestyle for yourself? Are you exercising so you can keep up with your children? Maybe if you focus on why you want to workout, you will find your motivation returning.


7. Focus on how you feel. If you haven’t quite reached your goals yet, it’s not the end of the world. Goals are just meant to motivate you. Don’t let yourself feel guilty because you haven’t lost as much weight as you had planned. Keep trying and you will get there. Focus more on right now and how you feel. If you’re more energetic and sleeping better, then you’re already a winner. Wellness is not about fitting into last summer’s dress, or reaching whatever goals you set months ago during the excitement of the holidays, it’s about being your healthiest self each and every day.