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Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Many people go into an animal shelter looking for the most adorable puppy or kitten to welcome into their home - especially if they have kids. Unfortunately, this means the older animals often get overlooked. In many cases where shelters get to full capacity, the senior pets are always at the highest risk for euthenasia.
November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and was founded by the ASPCA and to help improve the perception surrounding senior pets. Many senior pets were once wonderful family companions, but due to changing circumstances (finances, relocation, or death of owner), they end up in the shelter.
It’s easy to walk by their kennel when other dogs are barking and jumping up to see you or there are cute kittens playing together in the next room. But these animals are just scared and confused of their surroundings because they lost the only home they knew. Get the senior dog outside in the fresh air to play or go for a walk and you will see a completely different animal from the one in the kennel. Senior cats may require a little more patience, but the transformation once they trust you is life-changing.
Younger pets demand a lot of attention and many people may not have the time to devote to them. Older pets are normally trained and easier to handle. So if you’re thinking about getting a pet, stop by your local shelter or rescue and consider adopting a senior animal. Adopting a senior pet is life-changing for you and the pet!