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Attract Tourists to Your Business This Summer

It’s no surprise that the tourism industry is booming on Delmarva. Our rich history, beautiful beaches, and tax free shopping in the first state make the Peninsula a tourism hotspot. Every year, millions of people flock from all over to visit the Eastern Shore. By following the tips below, many of these seasonal visitors can become potential customers for your business.


Place an ad in local papers. Advertise any special sales you have going, or provide coupons and discounts to further encourage tourists to pick your business over your competitors. Make sure that your advertisements will appear in places frequented by travelers, such as hotel lobbies, visitor centers, and convenience stores.

Not sure where to advertise? The Guide can be found in 1,000s of locations across the Delmarva Peninsula. Click here to place an ad today. 


Provide excellent service. Yes, you should do this every day, but the importance of providing excellent service cannot be stressed enough. If a customer has a great experience at your business, often they will return for years to come, and most likely recommend you to their friends and family, too. A staggering 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. 


Think like a tourist. A successful business anticipates their customer’s needs. What does your business have to offer that a person visiting the area might want? Many people travel because they want a break from the every day, a chance to discover and experience something new. If you’re in the restaurant business, try offering menu items made with foods local to the area. Offer freebies travelers are sure to appreciate, such as wifi and air conditioning on hot summer days. Make sure your employees are familiar with the area and ready to answer any questions about directions or advice for finding parking.