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Celebrating 4th of July While Social Distancing

Due to the surge of new cases of coronavirus, the CDC is urging Americans to continue to practice social distancing on one of our nation's most cherished holidays. But that doesn't mean that Independence Day is canceled. You can still celebrate with friends and family using a few precautions and a little creativity. 
Smaller Gatherings. Limit your gatherings to small groups that you have already been in contact with, such as immediate family & close friends. Smaller groups mean less chance of coming in contact with someone who may have been exposed to coronavirus, and easier contact tracing in the event that an attendant of your gathering tests positive for coronavirus. 
Enjoy the Great Outdoors. Weather permitting, make your event a purely outdoor event. The fresh air and open space is much safer for everyone in attendance. Take pride in decorating your home & outdoor space to create a wonderfully patriotic party atmosphere that will leave everyone wanting to stay outside. The only limit is your creativity.
Take Precautions. A few precautions can greatly decrease the chance of spreading coronavirus at your small Independence Day get-together. While the popularity of single-use dishes and utensils has gone down in the past few years due to environmental concerns, it is unfortunately for the best to utilize paper plates, single-use silverware, and any other items that help decrease contact between individuals. You can still take the environmentally friendly path by choosing paper products over plastic. 
Limit Travel. The more you limit travel, the less you risk coming into contact with coronavirus. Independence day has always been a holiday linked to backyard barbecues and a celebration of home and community, and there's no reason why that should change. Find ways to celebrate without traveling far for the safety of your loved ones and your community.  
Celebrate Digitally. If one of your loved ones is at high risk for catching coronavirus and becoming severely ill, consider using technology to allow them to virtually attend a celebration. Connect via video chat and have everyone in attendance stop by and say hello, or involve them in a fun game or storytelling. Be sure to take plenty of pictures & video so that your loved one can feel involved even while separated. 
Take any steps you can to ensure you are celebrating safely and responsibly this 4th of July. There's nothing more patriotic than taking pride in your country, community, and safety of all. Happy 4th of July!