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Choosing the Right Color for Your Brand

When choosing a color for your logo and branding, it can be easy to choose a color based on personal preference or whimsy. However, there is an extensive psychology behind color that should be considered when choosing a logo for your brand. In the scheme of things, the color of your logo might not seem that important when you have a million other things to consider, but it’s a decision that should be made with care. Once you establish the story of your brand, you’ll want to keep that story consistent in order to make your brand stand out from your competition.


Our minds are wired to respond to colors in different ways. Colors evoke instinctual and emotional reactions. Just as we respond to a red light by stopping, we also have an instinctual reaction to other colors we see in our daily lives. Using color as an integral part of your branding is a way of communicating without words. According to a Loyola University study, color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. That is why it is important that the color(s) you choose to brand your business must align with your business values, goals, and story. It wouldn’t make much sense for a lawn care company to have a hot pink logo when an earthy green would do the job much better.


The Guide's logo is blue because we want to convey the message of reliability and communication. Think about some popular brands and how their color relates to these basic emotional responses:


Red - Energy, Youth, Bold


Orange - Cheerful, Fun, Excitement


Yellow - Warmth, Positivity, Motivation


Green - Peaceful, Growth, Wealth


Blue - Reliability, Strength, Security


Purple - Creativity, Imagination, Sophistication


However, you aren’t limited to just the colors of the rainbow you were taught in kindergarten. Human beings are able to see on average around 10 million discernible colors. That’s a lot to choose from! So when choosing a green for your lawn care company, you’ll want to make sure it’s a shade that also reads as reliable, energizing, and instantly makes the viewer think of the beautiful, green lawn you’ll hopefully be hired to service for them. Try running a few colors by individuals with similar demographics to your ideal customer and see which one is the biggest hit. Be sure that the color you end up choosing isn’t too similar to that of your competitors - you want to stand out!


Another thing to consider is how the colors of your brand are going to be used. If you’re a business that will be doing the majority of its marketing digitally, you want to make sure that you aren’t using colors that will be too vivid when displayed on a screen as it will be hard to look at. If you’re going to be branding work vans, consider which colors will catch the eye of the public when driving down the road without being too much of an eyesore. If the outside of your brick and mortar business is a dark color, then you’ll maybe want to go with a lighter color for your branding so that your signage contrasts nicely.


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