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How to Have the Most Successful Yard Sale Ever

Here on Delmarva, it’s not uncommon for many yard sale enthusiasts to spend an entire Saturday cruising for bargains. Do you have an attic or garage full of items you’re wanting to sell? Utilize the popularity of yard sales in your local community and host a sale of your own! If you want your yard sale to be the most successful one ever, read more below.


Take Inventory. Gather up everything you are selling and make an inventory list. Be sure to include a brief description of the item and what price you would like to sell it for. Making up prices on the spot might lead to confusion for everyone involved, so it is better to have some idea of what you are looking to get for each item. You may find it helpful to list the starting price, and then the lowest price you would be willing to accept. To get you started, click here for a free printable inventory list.


Get Informed. Before you host your sale, brush up on your local laws and regulations. Find out if you need a license to have a yard sale. When assigning your pricing, do some research on what you are selling. Check websites like and to see how much similar used items are going for. You want to set your prices low enough to be enticing, but not so low as to sell yourself short. Don’t fret too much over your prices, you can always make them negotiable. But it will help to have a starting point for the day of your sale. Buyers are often discouraged when there is no pricing on items, so be sure to use price tags or signage that clearly indicate the price of your items.


Location is Everything. Despite the name, your yard sale doesn’t necessarily have to take place in your yard. Pick a location for your yard sale that is easy to find and access. The location you choose should have plenty of parking for prospective buyers. Many churches and other local organizations host multi-family yard sales. Check The Guide Classifieds for upcoming multi-family sales.


Advertise. The success of your yard sale greatly depends on how well you advertise it. A great place to start is with The Guide Classifieds. We have an entire section dedicated to yard and garage sales. A lot of shoppers even carry a copy of The Guide around with them while looking for sales. If you want widespread advertising of your sale, click here to place an ad. It’s also important to have signs and posters in your yard and on the street leading up to the location of your sale. When you place an ad with The Guide, we give you two free yard sale signs to get you started. Another advertising outlet to utilize is social media. Ask your friends, neighbors, and family to help spread the word about your sale.


Organize. Have your items organized neatly and displayed in such a way as to encourage browsing. Use card tables to easily display miscellaneous items. Use tablecloths for a more tidy look. If you have a lot of books and other media to sell, use a bookshelf rather than boxes. Hang up clothes for effortless browsing and to prevent clothes from becoming wrinkled. You can set up two ladders and hang clothes on a shower curtain rod between them for an easily assembled clothing display. It will be easier for people to sift through the items you have for sale while still keeping your sale looking neat and organized.


Enlist Help. Running a yard sale can be a handful, so be sure to get help from your family or friends.  Yard sales are a great way to teach children money and people skills. You can even have them in charge of selling their own toys or old clothes. Delegate responsibilities to everyone involved. Perhaps have one person in charge of the money, while another can help answer any questions or keep track of the inventory list, and another can be in charge of the refreshment table.


Money Matters. Have a way to safely and securely store your money. You may find it useful to wear an apron or tool bag so that you can keep your hands free and money on your person at all times. Before the sale, don’t forget to take a trip to the bank to get $1 and $5 bills, as well as coins so that you can easily make change. If a prospective buyer has to be inconvenienced to leave your sale to get change, it’s possible they won’t come back, so it is very important that you can make change.


Offer Refreshments. If your sale is in the morning, sell coffee and doughnuts. Or for an afternoon sale, lemonade and cookies. Set up a sign advertising the refreshments you are offering. The prospect of food might just be enough for a passerby to turn around and check out your sale. You could even go all out and organize a bake sale to go along with your yard sale. This will make a little extra money in addition to what you sell the day of the sale. Plus, who doesn’t love cookies?

Follow these tips and your sale is sure to be a success!