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How to Make The Best of Labor Day

Savor The Sun. The days are slowly getting shorter, but there’s still some summer sun left to enjoy. Weather permitting, be sure to spend plenty of time outside during the holiday. The sun gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D which leads to better mood, healthier skin, hair, and teeth. Just be sure to use sunscreen, especially between the hours of 10am to 4pm, when the sun is most intense.

Staycation. It’s possible to have an adventure without hitting the highways or hopping on a plane. Take advantage of all the not-so-hidden treasures right in your hometown. If you have kids, visit somewhere fun AND educational (such as a museum, zoo, or other learning center) to help their brains switch back into learning mode. You could even check out one of the local creameries to get a tasty scoop of ice cream and visit the animals on the farm. Check out our Pinterest for ideas of places to visit on Delmarva.

Retail Therapy. If a day off of work means an extra day to shop to you, then take advantage of Labor Day deals and savings. Expect to find discounts on everything from cars to clothing during the holiday weekend. In the spirit of the holiday, try to shop local when you can, and support family-owned businesses. Read The Guide for local Delmarva deals and savings.

Have a Get Together. Invite a few friends over and fire up the grill. Plan out some fun outdoor games and activities to help everyone gather and bond, and spend some much needed time away from screens and devices. Maybe you can even use up all those leftover sparklers from 4th of July. Spending time with friends and family is a great way to de-stress and enjoy the holiday. Check out our Labor Day board for party ideas.