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How to Safely Disinfect Your Phone

You may have heard reminders to avoid touching your face to curb the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, and we are all hopefully washing our hands thoroughly and often. But what about your phone? Studies have shown that the average person touches their phone around 2,617 times a day, and spends around 2 hours on their phone daily.  So how do you go about disinfecting your phone without disrupting or potentially destroying the delicate machinery that keeps this vital piece of tech running? 
Power Down. Before cleaning with any of the suggested methods, power down your device and unplug it.  
Cleaning Wipes. According to Apple, it is safe to use standard cleaning wipes on your phone to disinfect. However, it is important to avoid using concentrated alcohol on your screen as this can break down the coatings on your device that protect your screen and ports. Stick to wipes that have a combination of 70% isopropyl alcohol to avoid damage. 
Homemade Cleaner. You can also make your own wipes and/or spray using a mix of alcohol and water, as long as you can ensure that the alcohol in your homemade cleaner is less than 70%. Spray your homemade spray onto a microfiber cloth and then wipe down your device for the best results. Do not spray directly on your device. Avoid using paper towels as they can scratch your screens.
Avoid These. Window cleaner, kitchen cleaners, undiluted rubbing alcohol, makeup remover, compressed air, vinegar, and dish and handsoap are not recommended to clean phones. All of these methods either contain chemicals that can damage your phone, or contain too much water to safely and effectively clean your phone. 
If you're unsure whether a product or method can be used for your individual device, it is always best to contact the manufacturer of your device before using a cleaning product. Stick to the above methods to safely and effectively disinfect your phone for a cleaner and healthier environment.