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Interior Decorating Tips for Spring

Are you looking for a way to fight off the lingering winter blues in your home and embrace the magic of spring? Take your home from drab to dynamic and spruce up your space with these interior design tips.


Color. Psychology plays an important role when choosing colors. Warmer colors can make a room feel cozy (great for the living room and bedrooms), while cooler colors can make a room feel larger than it is. Greens and yellows, particularly vibrant shades, can add excitement and energy to your kitchen. Don’t forget to consider your fixtures and what colors will compliment your current decor. Be sure to test the color on your walls first before committing. Keep in mind that the lighting of the room and the time of day may drastically change the appearance of the paint color.


Shapes. There are numerous ways to incorporate shapes into the style of your home. From the wallpaper to the rugs, accessorize with designs and shapes to transform your living space into a bold, fun environment. Try experimenting with modern art pieces, interesting backsplash, curtains, throw blankets, decorative pillows, and more! If you’re mixing patterns, try to stay within the same color scheme to avoid making your house look too eclectic (unless that’s your goal, and if so, go for it!).


DIY Decor. Spring home makeovers don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Get a little creative and make your own decor! Make your home more welcoming with a homemade floral wreath. Paint your own pottery or planters for small plants and succulents. Harness the ombre trend by hand dying curtains with fabric dye. The only limit is your imagination! Check out our Pinterest for more decorating ideas. 


Plants. In addition to infusing your home with a sense of calm, did you know that houseplants can help purify the air you breathe? Some popular air cleansing plants include: Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Ficus, Garden Mum, Bamboo Palm, and Aloe Vera. Get creative with decorative pottery and planters for your plants. Just be sure to pick a spot in your home with adequate lighting for happy plants. Click here to see which plants are safe to have around pets. 


Be sure to keep an eye out for the Spring Home & Garden Guide, coming to you next week!