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Make More Money at Your Next Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a great way to make some extra cash during the summer months and declutter your home. If you’re not local, it’s important to note that around here, yard sales are a big deal. Some people make a whole Saturday morning out of it. With a copy of The Guide in hand, they cruise around looking for bargains and neat finds. Gear up for your next yard sale with these tips below.


Advertise. Advertising can make or break your sale, so be sure to advertise your sale at least a week in advance. In addition to advertising in The Guide, you should also place signage around your neighborhood to advertise your sale to help get the word out and to help potential buyers make it to your location with ease.


Start Early. Most avid yard salers start early in the morning, and you’ll want to get set up early to make sure you catch the early birds. Plus, it will be best to beat the heat during the hotter days of the month.


Recruit Helpers. Having a yard sale is a great opportunity to teach younger children healthy social interaction skills, how to handle money, and responsibility. You can even put your children in charge of selling their unwanted toys and clothes. Getting to keep the money they make will help them feel more responsible for the tasks they are given, and will help motivate them to stay present during the sale.


Mark Your Prices Clearly. It’s good to have prices marked at least as a starting point, with room to haggle. Often, people lose interest in an item if they don’t know the price and have to go out of their way to find out. Having prices marked also means you’ll spend less time trying to remember the price of an item and have more time to fulfill other duties.


Have a Multi-Family Sale. Multi-Family sales bring in a lot more traffic and can be a great way to sell even more. Talk to your neighbors and friends and see who else would want to get involved.


Stay Organized. Keeping yourself and your items organized will help your day go more smoothly, and will help you make more sales. Utilize organization items such as shoeboxes, cardboard boxes, and tables to ensure that items are displayed neatly and easily accessible for buyers.


Offer Refreshments. Offer water bottles, lemonade, and other refreshments to your yard sale guests while they browse. It’s a small kindness and an easy way to brighten someone’s day, and it just might help make a sale for you.


Add Some Philanthropy to Your Sale. Pledge an amount of your sale’s revenue to a local charity or cause that’s dear to your heart. It’s easy to talk yourself into buying something if portions of the proceeds go to a good cause. So in addition to doing a good deed, you might just sell even more during your yard sale if you include a worthy cause.


Sell Big Ticket Items in The Guide. Don’t be disheartened if some of your big-ticket items don’t sell during your yard sale. Some people who are cruising yard sales might not necessarily be looking for bigger items. List the items that don’t sell in The Guide to reach more potential buyers.


Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have a successful yard sale. Don’t forget to advertise your yard sale in The Guide! Place an ad and receive 2 free Yard Sale signs to help advertise your sale. Visit to place an ad today!