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Protect Your Pets This Thanksgiving

Your pet has much to be thankful for. Food, water, a loving home - the list goes on. While you're giving thanks with friends and family, make sure you're paying the gratitude forward by keeping your pets safe this Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for veterinarians. Follow these tips to avoid a Black Friday trip to the vet.
Food Hazards. Nothing is cuter than a puppy making puppy dog eyes at you from below the tablecloth as you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal. Avoid giving in! Human foods can cause all kinds of health problems for pets, from bones in meat causing lacerations to pancreatitis triggered by greasy table scraps. In fact, there are so many human foods that are toxic to cats and dogs that it's easier to just avoid giving them food altogether than to keep track of what they can and cannot have. Talk to your guests ahead of time and make sure they know the rules concerning what your pets can or cannot eat. If need be, keep your pets in their own private area where they won't be disturbed by guests.
Clean Up Immediately. No one wants to be stuck cleaning up while they have guests, but just be sure not to leave food out where pets can get to it. This is the perfect time to put anti-social teens to work. Discourage guests from leaving their plates on the table or anywhere that curious pets could get to it. Ask that food dishes stay covered to keep things fresh and out of reach for potential furry thieves.  
Beware Scavengers. While you're off enjoying Thanksgiving festivities, your pets could be planning a heist on the food scraps in your trashcan. Not only is it dangerous for your pets to get into human food, but in their haste to eat up your table scraps, they might accidentally ingest a foreign object. Once you're done with your dinner, it may be best to take out the trash where it is safe from bored and curious pets. 
Prevent Boredom. Make sure your pets get in plenty of play time with you or their favorite guests. Bored pets will get into anything, from the trash can, to the decorations. The best way to prevent boredom is to make sure that your pets are plenty stimulated with their favorite toys and lots of love. Conversely, if your pet is stressed by all the attention, make sure they have a quiet safe space to retreat to should the festivities become too much for them.
Follow these tips, and your pet and your overworked vet will thank you. Ensure that your Thanksgiving holiday is worry free - and that you'll have the health of your pet to be thankful for in the years to come.