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Spring Cleaning Strategies for the Office

When spring arrives, many of us turn our attention to spring cleaning. We focus on our home, yard, and vehicles, but what about the office? According to the American Time Use Survey, the average American spends 7.9 hours working. Shouldn’t spring cleaning also apply to the one place we spend the majority of our waking hours? Make your workplace an integral part of your spring cleaning plans. If you think you are just too busy to tackle an office spring cleaning, try to just tackle one task a day, or enlist the help of your coworkers. Utilize any downtime you have to tackle your office spring cleaning head-on.

Before you can get any cleaning done, you’ll want to focus on cutting back on clutter. Go through your desk and drawers and take inventory of what you use on a daily basis. If it’s not essential to your daily operations, then maybe it’s time to let it go. Separate your essential and non-essential desktop items to help you decide what gets the boot. If you’ve been drowning in paperwork all winter, then this might be a good time to evaluate your filing system. Don’t forget your digital desktop, either! Delete any digital files you no longer need and do a backup of your hard drive. Take a few minutes to go through your email inbox and delete any messages you no longer need. Whether physical or virtual, getting rid of clutter will help maximize the productivity of your workspace.

Once you have the clutter under control, it’s time to tackle those dust bunnies. Start first with areas that are seen by clients and customers. This includes dusting, sweeping, polishing, and vacuuming.  Be sure to remember the windows! When that spring sun shines through, you’ll be able to see every bit of dirt and grime, so be thorough. At your desk, disinfect anything your hands constantly come in contact with, including your keyboard, mouse, and phone. Make certain to clean computers and tablets only with products approved by the manufacturer to avoid damaging your devices. Often, a few swipes with a microfiber cloth is all you need to clean a screen. As soon as you get a warm enough day, crack open your windows and let nature assist in clearing out the stuffy air in your office. Your newly cleaned office will promote the health and well being of everyone who works and visits there.

If your office needs livening up after the gray cold of winter, purchase a few indoor plants and bring the beautiful colors of spring inside. A recent study shows that an office with plants increases productivity by up to 15%. In addition to increasing productivity and brightening your office, many indoor plants also improve air quality and help control humidity levels. If you’re looking for a plant that will brighten up your office and help clarify the air, try any of the following plants:

• Chrysanthemum

• Azalea

• Bamboo Palm

• Peace Lily

• Ficus

• Gerbera Daisy

• English Ivy

• Aloe

• Spider Plant

A little organization and cleaning (and maybe a new plant!) might be all you need to get your office ready for spring.