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Wintertime Skin Care

Cold winter days can be tough on your skin. That's why it's important to take care of your body's biggest organ during the winter months to avoid discomfort and damage due to cold exposure. 
Stay Hydrated. Your skin needs hydration just like the rest of you, and it's important to stay hydrated in the winter months to ensure that your skin has all the moisture it needs to stay healthy. Just because you might not be as active in the winter doesn't mean you don't still need to drink plenty of water. 
Eat Right. Keep water-rich foods in your diet all year long. Vegetables and fruits including cucumber, zucchini, & lettuce are great sources of hydrating nutrients. Fish, nuts, and avocados are great sources of healthy fat and essential nutrients to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.
Moisturize. Using lotion should become an essential part of your daily routine, especially in winter. Your body loses moisture throughout the day, especially the parts of your skin exposed to the elements, so be sure to moisturize before you leave your home and throughout the day. Don't forget your lips! Chapped lips are painful and can be easily prevented by keeping a layer of lip balm on at all times.
Protect Your Skin. Sometimes lotion isn't enough to protect your skin from biting cold wind. Be sure to use protective gear like hats, scarves, and plenty of layers to protect your skin. Even when temperatures aren't frigid, it's still a good protective measure to keep your skin covered and protected from the elements.
Stay Dry. Winter weather can leave you out in the cold in damp clothes. Be sure to limit your exposure to cold, wet weather. Not only is the threat of hypothermia very serious, but you also risk irritating your skin further with the combined exposure of cold and wet elements. Be sure to dress for the weather and choose water-resistant coverings when at all possible.
It's important to recognize your skin's role in overall body health. Often we relegate skin's role in our lives to cosmetics, but taking care of your skin leads to an overall healthier lifestyle. You only have one body in this life, so treat it with kindness year-round.