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Life Tips

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Renovating

A do-it-yourself mentality has taken hold in millions of households across the globe. Popular television channels like HGTV and ...[more]

It’s All About The Roe

By Kathi Ferguson   When signs of spring come to mind, our thoughts typically turn to warmer days, songbirds, April s ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | April 2021

Flea Market Opening April 2 Pocomoke, MD Season opening of the outdoor market at the Flea Market 13 & Antiques Mall in Poco ...[more]

Lead Kindly Light - Fenwick Island Lighthouse

By Kathi Ferguson   One of the most quintessential and sought after attractions on the Eastern seaboard would have to ...[more]

All About Pets

What is Heartworm and How Can You Prevent it?

Pets are beloved members of many families. So it’s no surprise that so many pet owners place such a great emphasis on rais ...[more]

Wandering Through Wicomico

By Kathi Ferguson   Like so many areas throughout Delmarva, the county of Wicomico is rich in history and abundant in ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | March 2021

Sharptown Legion Dinners 3/3/21-3/6/21 Sharptown, MD Sharptown Legion Post 218 Dinners: Wednesday, March 3, 6pm-8pm Chicken or ...[more]

Small Business Advice

How to be More Efficient With Your Time

A time crunch is no stranger to many adults. Busy professionals balancing work and their personal lives often wish there was mor ...[more]

Life Tips

Clever & Quirky Crafts To Try

Being forced to spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has led enterprising individuals to seek ways to pass the t ...[more]

Ways to Honor and Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month takes place each year during the month of February. The precursor to Black History Month was a history week es ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | February 2021

American Legion Dinners Sharptown, MD American Legion Post 218 Dinners: Wednesday, February 3, 6PM-8PM, Cheesesteak Subs; Thursd ...[more]

Identify & Help Winter Birds

Birds flittering around the neighborhood are a common sight during spring and summer, and these welcome guests can be enjoyable ...[more]

All About Pets

How to Select the Right Food for Your Pet

The food pet owners choose is one of the most important decisions pet owners must make. A high-quality, well-balanced diet can s ...[more]

Railway Through Ridgely

By Kathi Ferguson   The old railroad lines that run through Ridgely and nearby Caroline County towns may not be carry ...[more]

Life Tips

How to Manage Stress in Uncertain Times

Coping with the stress of day to day living was hard enough before the coronavirus outbreak. It’s completely normal to fee ...[more]

Small Business Advice

How Small Businesses Can Plan for Financial Uncertainty

The uncertainty wrought by the pandemic has affected people from all walks of life. In the winter of 2019-20, the outbreak of th ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | January 2021

Sharptown Legion Dinners Sharptown, MD Sharptown Legion Post 218 Dinners: Saturday, January 2nd 5pm-7pm Seafood, Monday January ...[more] for Oysters!

By Kathi Ferguson   Festivals pay homage to them, roads on the Eastern Shore were once bedded with their shells, and ...[more]

All About Pets

How to Prevent Pet Related Damage in Your Home

The benefits of having a pet are innumerable. Pets can be companions, protectors, service animals, and even help produce product ...[more]

Charm Along the Nanticoke

By Kathi Ferguson   Tucked away along the meandering Nanticoke River, sits the small Chesapeake Bay town of Vienna. F ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | December 2020

Ladies Night Out Shopping Event Thursday, December 3, 5PM-8PM Bridgeville, DE At Antique Alley & Downtown Alley of Bridgevi ...[more]

Life Tips

Celebrating Plaid Friday

The holiday season sometimes arrives with a frenetic pace. At the dawn of the holiday season, there seems to be so much to fit i ...[more]

Discovering Odessa

By Kathi Ferguson Originally known as Cantwell’s Bridge, the tranquil village of Odessa, Delaware’s early history ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | November 2020

Sharptown Legion Dinners Sharptown, MD Sharptown Legion Post 218, Dinners: Wed., Nov. 4, 6pm-8pm, Ham or Turkey Sand. w/chips; T ...[more]

Community Events

Halloween Events 2020

Delaware   Trunk or Treat Friday, October 30 at 6PM Bridgeville, Delaware Trunk or Treat at Sayre Baldwin Fa ...[more]

Small Business Advice

How Small Businesses Can Prepare for the Holiday Season

As unpredictable as this year has been, it can be challenging for small businesses to plan ahead. However, small businesses can ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | October 2020

Yard Sale Saturday, October 3 from 7-11am Seaford, DE Read Street Yard Sale (West Seaford). Saturday, October 3rd, 7am-11am ...[more]

Creatures of the Swamp

By Kathi Ferguson   Swamp creatures in Delmarva? According to legend, indeed there are!    Found main ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | September 2020

Oyster & Pork Sandwich Sale Saturday, September 5 from 11am-1pm or sold out Odd Fellows of Laurel Charity Lodge will have th ...[more]

History Along the Choptank

By Kathi Ferguson   The town of Denton, Maryland, seat of Caroline County, began as a tiny settlement on the Choptank ...[more]

Life Tips

Ways to Cope With “COVID-somnia”

There doesn’t seem to be any aspect of daily life in the year 2020 that hasn’t been affected in some way or another ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Staying Connected with Customers While Social Distancing

Social distancing guidelines forced many businesses to change the way they interact with their customers. Businesses deemed non- ...[more]

The Dog Days of Summer

By Kathi Ferguson   Soon after the Summer Solstice in late June, those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere can be ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | August 2020

Sharptown Legion Dinners Dinners: Thurs. July 30, 6:30pm-8:30pm - Burger Night., Fri. July 31, 5:30pm-7pm Wings, Shrimp & Fri ...[more]

All About Pets

Covid-19 & Pet Safety

While there have been some instances of the virus that causes Covid-19 spreading between people and animals, the risk is conside ...[more]

Follow The Sun...Flower

By Kathi Ferguson   Perhaps nothing says “summer” like the sunflower. In all of their colorful glory, the ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | July 2020

Sharptown Legion Post 218 Dinner Friday, July 3rd Bar Opens 5pm Dinner 6pm-8pm, Hot Dogs/Chili Sat. July 4th, Closed. Call 410 ...[more]

Life Tips

Celebrating 4th of July While Social Distancing

Due to the surge of new cases of coronavirus, the CDC is urging Americans to continue to practice social distancing on one of ou ...[more]

A Roadside Delight

by Kathi Ferguson   The signs of summer are many on Delmarva. But for me, the opening of roadside produce stands become ...[more]

Life Tips

Celebrating Father’s Day While Social Distancing

To say that COVID-19 changed life as we know it would be an understatement. Many people likely never imagined how much their dai ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | June 2020

Online Only Auctions Starting Wednesday, June 10, 2020. Estate auctions including decoys, primitives, local books, farm equip ...[more]

Life Tips

What Can & Cannot Be Composted

Avid gardeners know that compost can add vital nutrients to soil used in gardens, container plants and lawns. The fact that comp ...[more]

Life Tips

5 Outdoor Projects That Add Value

Exterior renovations can enhance the appearance of a property and make it more enjoyable for homeowners. Certain renovations hav ...[more]

Life Tips

Repair Bare Spots in the Lawn

Caring for a lawn to keep it lush and green can require equal measures of patience and hard work. Various invaders can attack gr ...[more]

Life Tips

8 Garden Tools for Beginners

The right tool for the job is essential to working safely and efficiently. This is as true in the workplace as it is in the gard ...[more]

Life Tips

Spring Lawn Equipment: Keep Safety in Mind With These 8 Tips

(NAPSI)—Spring is on its way and homeowners are eager to get outside and spruce up their yards. The Outdoor Power Equipmen ...[more]

Life Tips

The Cleaning Season: Dust Your Ducts

(NAPS)—When you breathe a sigh of relief after giving your home its annual thorough cleaning, you may be breathing in more ...[more]

Life Tips

Decorator's Notebook

(NAPSI)—Look up “basement” in the dictionary and you’ll see cellar, vault—even crypt. But with a l ...[more]

Life Tips

Get Stronger Every Day With At-Home Workouts

(NAPSI)—These days, people are navigating unprecedented times that have them rethinking how they live and work. While big ...[more]

Life Tips

20 Warning Signs of Stress

Stress affects so many people and infiltrates so many parts of daily life that it can be tempting to write it off as harmless or j ...[more]

The Wonder of Sea Glass

By Kathi Ferguson   Like many things Mother Nature has to offer, the simple, magical beauty of sea glass never ceases ...[more]

Life Tips

How to Safely Disinfect Your Phone

You may have heard reminders to avoid touching your face to curb the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, and we are all ho ...[more]

Life Tips

Supporting Our Local Community During the COVID-19 Epidemic

During times of crisis, we are stronger together.    Here is a list of resources to help stay informed and safe du ...[more]

Oh the Shamrock

By Kathi Ferguson   They appear everywhere around St. Patrick’s Day. Those cute little three petal green plants ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | March 2020

Public Bingo Thursday, March 5 $15/per person. Doors open at 6pm. The Indian River Senior Center is located behind the Wawa on R ...[more]

Life Tips

Wintertime Skin Care

Cold winter days can be tough on your skin. That's why it's important to take care of your body's biggest organ duri ...[more]

A Presidential Visit

The 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding visited Delaware on June 9, 1923. The President started his day early ...[more]

Comfort Foods - Maryland Style

By Kathi Ferguson   The month of February gets a bad rap. By the time it comes around, winter has already dished up a ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | February 2020

Thursday Night Auction Thursday, February 6 at 5PM Contemporary furniture, antiques & collectibles, selection of nice glassw ...[more]

All About Pets

How to Successfully Switch Pet Foods

Pet parents choose to switch their pets’ diets for a variety of reasons. These can include food allergies or intolerances ...[more]

Mural, Mural, on the Wall

By Kathi Ferguson   If you find yourself heading southbound into Cambridge over the Choptank River Bridge, cast a gla ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | January 2020

Sharptown Legion Spaghetti Dinner Friday, January 3 Held from 5:30PM-7PM. Call Sharptown Legion Post 218 410-883-3780 for mo ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Small businesses are the backbone of our local community. These businesses have helped to revitalize many small towns and may be ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | December 2019

Racer Flea Market Sunday, December 1 Starts 9am. Scotty’s Speed & Diesel, Laurel Farmers Market, 10657 Georgetown Rd., ...[more]

Life Tips

The Benefits of Reading

With winter just around the corner, you’ll no doubt find yourself spending more time indoors and partaking of your favor ...[more]

All About Pets

Protect Your Pets This Thanksgiving

Your pet has much to be thankful for. Food, water, a loving home - the list goes on. While you're giving thanks with friends ...[more]

Delmarva’s Great Sanctuary

By Kathi Ferguson   It is November at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. Ospreys have migrated South, autumn colors begin to ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | November 2019

Bethel Worship Center Fall Festival Saturday, November 2  Dinner, 4:30pm-5:45pm. Concert, 6pm-9pm. 26648 Sussex Hwy., Seafo ...[more]

Ghostly Hotels in Delaware

By Kathi Ferguson   You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Chances are you have, once you’ve spent the nigh ...[more]

Community Events

Halloween 2019

Nightmare's Haunted House Fridays & Saturdays in October | 7pm - 11pm 10912 County Seat Highway, Laurel, DE 19956 | $15 ...[more]

Life Tips

Life Saving Fire Prevention Tips

During Fire Prevention Week, there are many ways you can ensure that your home and family are safe from the myriad dangers that ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | October 2019

Public Bingo Thursday, October 3 $15/per person. Doors open at 6pm. The Indian River Senior Center is located behind the Wawa ...[more]

An Artful Approach to the Garden

by Kathi Ferguson   It is not every day you will find an oversized onion, super tall asparagus, or a golden pear with ...[more]

All About Pets

Shelter Dog Adoption Guide

Millions of dogs reside in shelters or in foster homes just waiting for someone to make them permanent members of their family. ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | September 2019

Laurel Fire Department Open House Sunday, September 22 from Noon-3PM Come join the Laurel Fire Department for our Open House. Di ...[more]

Nanticoke Indian Tribe's 40th Annual Powwow

SEPTEMBER 7th & 8th, 2019   One of the best things about the powwow is the air of happiness and joy in renewing o ...[more]

It’s Just Peachy in Delaware

Delaware is well known for its delicious, fresh peaches. Peach orchards were first planted in northern Delaware and spread south ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Managing Your Online Reputation

What happens online stays online. That’s the adage of digital life in the 21st century. This is doubly true for business ...[more]

Life Tips

Bedtime Tips for Back to School

Summertime can be a welcome break from the rigid structure of the school system. However, the loss of a set schedule can be hard ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | August 2019

Sharptown Firemen's Carnival Starting Thursday, August 1 Sharptown Firemen's Carnival happening nightly at 7PM thru Satu ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

The benefits of making your office more energy efficient are numerous and include helping the planet by preserving n ...[more]

All About Pets

Pets in the Workplace

As a small business owner, you may find it beneficial to have a pet-friendly work environment. Having pets around can help boost ...[more]

Life Tips

Make More Money at Your Next Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a great way to make some extra cash during the summer months and declutter your home. If you’re no ...[more]

Our American Flag - More than Just Stars and Stripes

By Kathi Ferguson   The American flag - we pledge allegiance to it, we salute it, and we sing about it. We carry it i ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | July 2019

Christmas In July Sale Friday-Sunday, July 5-7 from 12PM-4PM TaCaCo Alpacas Christmas in July/Store Closing Sale. 50% Off Storew ...[more]

Family Farm Offers Unique Getaway

By Kathi Ferguson   With roots dating back to the 1900s, Crow Vineyard & Winery is a third generation 365 acre fa ...[more]

Small Business Advice

7 Simple Rules for Better Customer Interactions

As a small business, the way you interact with your customers can make or break your business. Below are several simple rules to ...[more]

All About Pets

Tips to Protect Your Dogs From Ticks

It’s that time of year when ticks are becoming more and more of a pest. It’s always a good idea to check yourself fo ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | June 2019

Delmar Festival Saturday, June 1 from 10AM-6PM The 43rd annual Delmar Day in the Park Festival will take place at State St. Park ...[more]

Life Tips

Ecological and Economical Benefits of Staycationing

Odds are that if you’re a human being who breathes oxygen, you probably are in need of a vacation right now. Americans a ...[more]

The Naming of VFW Post 5118

By Kathi Ferguson   The first official meeting of Easton’s VFW Memorial Post 5118 was held in the basement of i ...[more]

All About Pets

5 Reasons to Adopt A Senior Dog

If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, consider adopting a senior dog. Senior dogs teach us that life is too short not to ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Marketing Myths & Misconceptions

The one-size-fits-all marketing approach has never been effective, especially for small businesses. Small businesses are as un ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | May 2019

Train & Toy Show Saturday, May 4 from 9AM-3PM Held at the Roxana Fire House on Rt. 20 between Millsboro & Fenwick Island ...[more]

All About Pets

Seasonal Allergy Treatments for Sneezy Pets

You know spring is here when the sneeze attacks begin. Have you noticed your cat or dog sneezing as well? Humans aren’t ...[more]

All About April

by Kathi Ferguson   April showers may bring May flowers, but aside from the weather, the month of April is appreciate ...[more]

Life Tips

Celebrating Easter Sustainably and Organically

Are you looking forward to Easter, but feeling unhappy about the potential to create more waste? Check out these tips below to h ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | April 2019

Seaford Cruise-In Starting Friday, April 5 at 5PM Seaford Cruisers invites you to our Summer Cruise-In. Friday’s at Hardee ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Choosing the Right Color for Your Brand

When choosing a color for your logo and branding, it can be easy to choose a color based on personal preference or whimsy. How ...[more]

All About Pets

Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Humans have been domesticating and befriending animals for thousands of years due to the numerous benefits of pet ownership. Pet ...[more]

Shedding New Light On Local Agriculture - One Painting At A Time

By Kathi Ferguson      Local artist Bob Manning’s love for the landscape was first inspired when he b ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | March 2019

Cash Bingo Every Wednesday Night Cash bingo held every Wednesday night at Seaford Elks Lodge, Elks Rd. Minimum payout $140 per ...[more]

Life Tips

Practicing Self-Care

The term “self-care” has become synonymous with $5 lattes and sparkly unicorn bath bombs, but self-care is actuall ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Score Big This March

March Madness isn’t just for the court. Your business can utilize the energy and excitement surrounding March Madness to ...[more]

All About Pets

The Importance of Spaying/Neutering Your Pet

Often when you adopt your pet from a rescue or shelter, they will already be spayed or neutered. If you happen to adopt a pet ...[more]

The Shapes of Nature

By Kathi Ferguson   Creative people tend to see things differently. I can attest to that, since I am one of them! Som ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | February 2019

Indoor Yard Sale Saturday, February 2 Indoor Yard Sale/Chinese Auction, VFW Post 7478, Governors Ave. & Mill St., Greenwood, ...[more]

Life Tips

Staying Sane in the Social Media Era

Social media has changed our society in ways we haven’t fully been able to comprehend yet. Social media allows people to ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Take Action Against Cold Weather Risks

Winter can create a lot of risks for small businesses. Make sure your business is prepared during the coldest days of winter. ...[more]

All About Pets

Winter Pet Safety

The winter months can be a tough time for pets. Less time outdoors can make for a mean case of canine/feline cabin fever. Asid ...[more]

The Edna E. Lockwood - Built to Last

By Kathi Ferguson      Tales of Tilghman Island’s history are many, although they are not always told ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | January 2019

Wicomico Young Farmers Consignment Auction Saturday, January 5 Wicomico County Young Farmers 25th Annual Consignment Auction. In ...[more]

Hot Chocolate

This cup of liquid comfort has a history all its own. By Kathi Ferguson       There is something ab ...[more]

Life Tips

Tips for Tackling the Wintertime Blues

Winter isn’t exactly the most popular season. It’s cold and often gloomy, and many people find that they aren&rsqu ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Make Your Business Shine Bright This Holiday Season

We all tend to get caught up in the frantic energy of Christmas, but the holiday season doesn’t stop there. Keep your ho ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | December

Friday, December 7 at 7PM Selbyville Christmas Parade Parade will take place on Church Street in Downtown Selbyville.   ...[more]

All About Pets

Bark the Halls - Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

Turning your living space into a magical winter wonderland is one of the joys of the holidays. However, the trimmings and deco ...[more]

Plymouth Rock - A "Piece" of America's History

By Kathi Ferguson   Perhaps one of the most remembered lessons in American history is of the Mayflower bringing the P ...[more]

Small Business Advice

6 Simple Ways to Help Your Business Shine this Small Business Saturday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - especially for small businesses. Small Business Saturday is a wonderful opportu ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | November

  Quarter Auction | Thursday, November 8 Quarter Auction Benefits Alzheimer’s Association. Held at the Seaford Elks ...[more]

Creatures of the Delmarva Night

By Kathi Ferguson      Nocturnal animals have long been associated with Halloween, and there is surely no s ...[more]

Life Tips

Fire Prevention Week Home Safety Tips

Fires can be a devastating, life changing event, that could often have been easily prevented. For Fire Prevention Week, make s ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | October

Slaughter House Farm | Every Friday & Saturday in October Located at 32076 Gordy Road, Laurel. Halloween attraction  ...[more]

All About Pets

Rainy Day Activities For Bored & Active Dogs

An important part of canine health and wellbeing is regular outdoor activities and exercise. However, some days the weather ju ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Cyber Safety Tips For Home & Office

We use locks on our doors and windows, and take care to make sure that our homes and offices are secure. So why do we leave th ...[more]

Tilghman Islands’s “W” Houses

By Kathi Ferguson      The Lee House, the grand old “W” house that sits back from Tilghman Isla ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | September

Charity Chicken & Ribs | Saturday, September 1 Laurel Ruritan Club Chicken & Ribs BBQ. Held on Saturday, September 1 from ...[more]

Life Tips

Back to School Bus Safety

For many school-age children, the school day begins and ends with a bus ride. Statistically speaking, buses are the safest form ...[more]

There's This Place Called “Spocott”

By Kathi Ferguson      On the bank of Gary’s Creek six miles west of Cambridge on what is now Route 3 ...[more]

All About Pets

Why You Should Become an Animal Shelter Volunteer

Have you been thinking about volunteering at a local shelter, but are undecided? These 6 reasons will convince you.    ...[more]

Small Business Advice

How to Establish and Grow Your Personal Brand

Usually, when you hear the term branding, you think of businesses and corporations. However, branding is critical for the surv ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | August

Author Meet & Greet | Friday, August 3 Meet & Greet the Author & Artists for “Les Legumes from Space” B ...[more]

Painting The Shore

Artists from near and far interact with the Eastern Shore landscape through their painting. By Kathi Ferguson   We a ...[more]

All About Pets

Tips For Traveling With Pets

Whether prepping for a move, a vacation, or just a vet visit, it is likely that you will be traveling with your pet at one poi ...[more]

Life Tips

6 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Arguably one of the most noticeable casualties of our modern lifestyle is our sleep. We constantly trade sleep for more time a ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | July

Delaware Fireworks & Celebrations   Bethany Beach, DE | Wednesday, July 4 Fireworks launched at dusk from the be ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Boost Your Summertime Productivity

If you thought staying motivated in the office during the winter was rough, that was nothing compared to the challenge of main ...[more]

Life Tips

7 Tips for Safer Beach Days on Delmarva

Arguably one of the best parts of the summer is cooling off at the beach. We love the warm sand and the rolling waves and cool ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | June

4th Annual Car Show | Saturday, June 9 Car show will take place from 10am to 2pm. Held at 26299 Sennett Rd., Denton, MD. For ...[more]

All About Pets

Summer Pet Safety

As much as we look forward to summer, there comes a time when the heat is too much to bear. When the weather is hot and you&rs ...[more]

Life Tips

Memorial Day Survival Guide

It’s that time of year again! Pools are opening, meters are going up at the boardwalk, seasonal businesses are opening t ...[more]

Small Business Advice

How to Stand Out From Your Competition

In the age of multimedia advertising, it is paramount that your business stand out from your competition. Your customers have ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Office Posture Survival Tips

You may have heard the new adage “sitting is the new smoking”. While this isn’t at all an accurate compariso ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | May

Live for Chocolate | Friday, May 4 Don’t miss the 5th Annual Live for Chocolate, an evening of fun, laughter, and sup ...[more]

All About Pets

Caring For a Senior Kitty

The joy of cat ownership doesn’t stop at kittenhood. As you grow and change as a person, so does your cat. Once a feline ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Sustainable Small Business

Now more than ever it is important that your business aligns itself with the values of your customers. Individuals are becomin ...[more]

Life Tips

8 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

Recycle. Making recycling a routine part of your lifestyle is one of the simplest and most effective ways to help the environm ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | April

Book Exchange Fundraiser | Saturday, April 4 Held at the Bethany Community Church, 28015 Kaye Rd., Laurel, DE 19956. Book e ...[more]

Life Tips

Interior Decorating Tips for Spring

Are you looking for a way to fight off the lingering winter blues in your home and embrace the magic of spring? Take your home ...[more]

All About Pets

Spring Pet Safety

  Spring is here, but so are bugs! Make sure your pet is protected. After a long winter, who doesn’t delight i ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Spring Cleaning Strategies for the Office

When spring arrives, many of us turn our attention to spring cleaning. We focus on our home, yard, and vehicles, but what abou ...[more]

Life Tips

Daylight Saving Time Survival Guide

Daylight Saving Time is upon us. It’s time to set your clocks forward and wake up even earlier than you usually do. ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | March

Thursday, March 1 | Ride For Autism Fundraiser Ride For Autism DE fundraiser to benefit local schools Autism programs & ...[more]

Life Tips

Tax Tips for Easy Filing

People from all walks of life and income brackets, from college students to retirees, all have one thing in common: A universal he ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Managing Stress At Work

Are you feeling stressed at work? Stress can cause a tangled mess of physical and mental symptoms that will take a toll on your we ...[more]

Life Tips

Meal Prep Like a Pro

The benefits of home cooked meals are well known and boundless. It’s healthier, cheaper, and fun to take a sense of pride in ...[more]

Community Events

Community Events | January

Seaford Cash Bingo | Every Wednesday Held every Wednesday night at Seaford Elks Lodge, Elks Rd. Minimum payout $140 per Bingo e ...[more]

All About Pets

Choosing the Right Pet for Your Home

Adopting a pet can be an immense source of joy and companionship. However, there are many responsibilities and complications that ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Advertising Dos and Don’ts

“Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called advertising” – Jef I. Richards Sma ...[more]

Life Tips

How to Stay Motivated During Cold Days

Are you having a hard time staying motivated now that winter is upon us? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Shorter d ...[more]

Life Tips

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Shop Early. Don’t get caught shopping on Thanksgiving day. The earlier you shop, the better, so that you can avoid stre ...[more]

Life Tips

8 Ways to Show Gratitude on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, we honor the past and present members of our military to thank them for the immeasurable sacrifices they have mad ...[more]

All About Pets

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Destinations on Delmarva

One of the joys and responsibilities of being a dog owner is providing your dog with fun and adventure. If you’re looking ...[more]

Small Business Advice

5 Productivity Tips for a Better Work Day

Are you getting the most out of your work day? Some days it might seem like there is more on your to-do list than could possibly b ...[more]

Life Tips

How to Make The Best of Labor Day

Savor The Sun. The days are slowly getting shorter, but there’s still some summer sun left to enjoy. Weather permitting ...[more]

All About Pets

Puppy Training Tips & Tricks

Adopting a puppy will bring you joy and companionship for years to come. However, puppies need a lot of care and attention, and br ...[more]

Small Business Advice

10 Ways to Feel More Energized at Work

Have you ever fallen victim to the mid afternoon slump? Even the most driven and motivated people can get hit with fatigue at ...[more]

All About Pets

How to Keep Your Pets Calm During Independence Day Festivities

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} Fireworks are an essential part of Independence Day ce ...[more]

All About Pets

D.I.Y. Dog Treats

Making homemade dog treats is a fun and inexpensive way to reward your furry friend for being a wonderful companion. Bake ...[more]

Life Tips

D.I.Y. Mother's Day Gifts

Nothing says “I Love You” more than a handmade, personalized gift. Homemade gifts aren't just for children, and ...[more]

Life Tips

Used Car Buying Tips

For many of us, buying a new car just doesn’t fit into our budget or lifestyle. However, buying a used car can seem a ch ...[more]

All About Pets

The Hazards of Houseplants

Nothing brightens a home quite like plants and flowers. But plants can pose a safety hazard to your animal friends. Many popul ...[more]

Life Tips

How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Did you know that Valentine’s Day has its roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia? Valentine’s Day start ...[more]

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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Small Business Advice

Fall Marketing Ideas

As summer comes to a close, keep the summer momentum going at your business with fresh marketing ideas for fall. Fall is a tim ...[more]

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5 Reasons to Visit the Beach Right Now

Summer may be winding down, but right now is the absolute best time to visit Delmarva beaches. Here’s why:   ...[more]

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5 Reasons to Buy Local Produce

1. It tastes better. If you’re buying produce from your local stand, chances are it was probably picked within the ...[more]

Life Tips

8 Ways to Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the life of your father, and thank him for everything he has done for you. The way yo ...[more]

Small Business Advice

5 Ways to Help Your Business Grow This Spring

Spring is a time of growth, and that growth shouldn’t be limited to just plants. Take this time of awakening and renewal ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Advertising for Small Businesses - It is a MUST

Here at The Guide, we know advertising. We’ve been around since 1959, and we’re not going anywhere. So take our wo ...[more]

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10 Ways to Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and many people are pondering how best to show mom how much they care this year. Check ...[more]

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7 Home Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Spring…time for warmer weather, colorful flowers in bloom, and allergies. Allergies can make you miserable and unable t ...[more]

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How to Have the Most Successful Yard Sale Ever

Here on Delmarva, it’s not uncommon for many yard sale enthusiasts to spend an entire Saturday cruising for bargains. Do ...[more]

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7 Easy Tips to Help You Stick With Your Exercise Routine

Did part of your New Year’s Resolution include sticking to an exercise routine? How’s that going for you? If you&r ...[more]

All About Pets

Tips for Adopting a New Pet

The connection between humans and animals is a wonderful thing. Pets can bring smiles, laughs, comfort, and love into your hom ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Celebrating 57 Years

This week marks 57 years of The Guide. From our beginnings as a small advertising flyer, to where we are today, has been a jou ...[more]

Small Business Advice

Eating Healthier at Work

It’s no secret that eating right benefits your mind, body, and can help you focus and perform better at work. However, i ...[more]

Life Tips

How to Save Time in the Morning

Time doesn’t always seem to pass consistently. Why is it that an hour at the DMV feels like a lifetime, and yet, an hour ...[more]

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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. Husbands, wives, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, soul mates, dear friends ...[more]

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Back to School Tips

The first day of school can be a day of both excitement and stress for children, parents, and teachers. Follow these tips for ...[more]

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Attract Tourists to Your Business This Summer

It’s no surprise that the tourism industry is booming on Delmarva. Our rich history, beautiful beaches, and tax free sho ...[more]

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5 Tips For Summer Travel

Summer is officially here on Delmarva, and for many of us, we get the urge to travel. Whether it’s a day trip to the bea ...[more]